Tropical Oceanview
Retirement Living with
Free Medicare

Senior Living Care

Retire Exquisite in
Sri Lanka

With the much anticipated Oceanview, seniors’ tale provides unparalleled individual care, assisted living care, dementia care, nursing home care and short term stay care to the seniors in star hotel atmosphere.

Save 45%

On Nursing Home Care price in USA & 

Free Medicare

Independent living

Senior’s Tale offers affordable independent living care at a lower price than other facilities. Residents can get the necessary services to live here in sunny Sri Lanka!

Assisted Living Care

Senior’s Tale offers complete assisted living care services with our professional English-speaking staff. Seniors here can get the services they need to enjoy the best possible standard of living in retirement.

Dementia Care

Seniors with Dementia require specialized care. We offer dementia care at Senior’s Tale with access to Sri Lanka’s calming tropical environment for your loved one.

Nursing Home

Save 45% on nursing home care prices compared to the USA and free Medicare at Senior’s Tale! Cut down on medical costs, which can be the most expensive part of retirement, with our professional staff and Sri Lanka’s world-class nursing and hospital staff.

Short Term Stay Care

Are you looking for a quick getaway for you or your loved one? Senior’s Tale offers short-term stay care if you want a tropical escape that accommodates your unique needs!