Retire Exquisite
In Sri Lanka

Elderly care is cornerstone of Sri Lanka. With the traditional essence and the tropical climate, invite guests for new begin of life.
Seniors’ tale in responsible to provide 24/7 personalised fellowship during their journey, while taking advantage of star hotel hospitality.

Oceanview Deluxe

By the sea, life is lived differently. Time is not counted, thr daily routine is replaced by the rhythm of the tide. Between land’s end and the ocean’s brim, a place of tranquil exist. Which awake the body and invites the mind and soul for fresh start.
Seniors’ tale ensure to provide senior guests with deluxe room charm with Oceanview.

Free Healthcare & Surgery

Yes, you read it right, our guests are privileged for the best possible health care in Sri Lanka including surgeries.

Save 45% 

On Nursing Home Care price of USA

Skilled Nurse 24/7

Our highly skilled certified nurse staff gracefully share the spirit of Sri Lankan elderly care culture in all that they do. They assist the guests an closely monitor health deterioration and take actions accordingly.


All our hotels arrange nutrition dining experience with tropical delicacy where the fresh seafood takes centre stage and variety of other international classic authentic dishes


The restoration power of locally sourced traditional warm oil Ayurvedic massage is central to the senior retirement. We have taken that fact very seriously and promise to provide treatments per week and daily knee, shoulders massage for arthritis.
Expertly customized exercises, gym and yoga sessions for individual health profiles and wellbeing goals are also part of the seniors’ tale living.